What is Package Consolidation

Our package consolidation service combines your packages together in one shipping. You can shop from multiple stores and have your items delivered to your {{ SiteConfigServices.getCompanyName }} address. When you are ready to ship these items, simply consolidate them using our package consolidation management systems.

Why Consolidate?

Packages that you order from different online stores are shipped individually to us. With {{ SiteConfigServices.getCompanyName }}, you can select and combine multiple items in one box and save to 80% on shipping cost.

Each packages may contain some unnecessary packaging materials that add value to shipping cost. We can remove all these unnecessary packages to reduce volume of your packes and eventually lower your shipping cost.

Other packaging services

Package Storage

We offer 30 days free package storage in our addresses in USA, Europe and Asia. Your purchases are securely stored in our facility. You will simply submit a ship request via our account management systems and we'll do all the hard work for you.

Package Customization

When we receive your package, we will notify you via email. During this time, you can manage and customize your package based on your preference. Use our account management system to send request such as "Invoice Removal" and other miscellaneous request.

Parcel Snaps

With our Package Snaps service, you can check your package before it is delivered to you. You will receive images of the content inside and the external view of the package giving you confidence that your package is secured before it leaves our facility.

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